We want to save these often young and abandoned animals. 



Every one of us is a pet-owner. We treat  each of these pets like its our own.



Our qualified staff can assist you find the pet the perfect pet for your family.

A Word About SAKrescue

Our Goals

Sacramento Area Kitten Rescue Alliance (SAKrescue) is a not-for profit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, sterilization and rehabilitation of orphaned and abandoned kittens, cats and the subsequent placements of these animals into safe, permanent homes. We also provide ongoing education to the community regarding such matters to help reduce the impact of pet overpopulation in the Sacramento Area.

SAKrescue undertakes other efforts that meet these goals such as veterinary assistance for spying and neutering for low-income persons and the trapping, sterilization, and safe re-release of feral cats.

Feline over-population in the Sacramento Area is overwhelming. Thousands of cats and kittens are euthanized at the city and other animal shelters each year and thousands more die lonely and painful deaths as ferals or strays. More spay and neuter programs are needed to address this heart-breaking problem and alleviate the suffering. Since its start in 2004, SAKrescue has spayed and neutered over a thousand cats & kittens and placed most of them into loving, permanent homes. Those too feral to place have been re-released into safe environments.

Sacramento Area Kitten Rescue

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